Current Lesson List

The Lesson List for Term 2 is ready.

The list this year is made up of mostly requests so there is no real structure to the choices. Most of the requests made it in.

Waltz 26.4.17 New Vogue Waltz
Waltz 3.5.17 New Vogue Waltz
Waltz 10.5.17 Engagement waltz
Waltz 17.5.17 Engagement waltz
Waltz 24.5.17 Vanity Waltz
Waltz 31.5.17 Vanity Waltz
Jive 7.6.17 Spanish Tango
Jive 14.6.17 Spanish Tango
Jive 21.6.17 Serenade Waltz
Jive 28.6.17 Serenade Waltz